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We have helped attorneys achieve some of the nation’s largest jury verdicts and record-making settlements for their clients. Our experience includes over 300 cases, with over 95% of outcomes considered successful by the retaining plaintiff or defense attorneys.

For Plaintiff:

The Clergy Cases I

$660 Million
Retaining Firm:
Ray Boucher
Kiesel Boucher Larson, LLP 
Beverly Hills, California
The Clergy Cases I
Francisco Mallo, Individually; Sanford, Individually; Ben D. Individually; Jim Bladrige, Individually; Ernie Baquero, Individually, Plaintiffs,
Defendant Doe 1; Defendant Doe 2; Defendant Doe 3; Defendant Doe 4; Defendant Doe 5; Defendant Doe 6; Defendant Doe 7; and Does 8 through 1000, inclusive
Superior Court of the State of California
 For the County of Los Angeles, Central District
LASC Case No.
BC 305515; BC 307934; BC 308555; BC 307949; BC 304657; BC 286703
Sexual abuse by clergy. Largest settlement against LA Archdiocese.
– Dr. Kliman was the only principal psychiatrist expert and administrative liability witness.

Zoyly v. L.A.U.S.D et al.

Confidential. “…largest settlement against a school district in the history of the State of California.”
Retaining Firm:
Gordon Phillips
Phillips and Robinson
Santa Ana, CA
Attorney Feedback:
“I had the good fortune of being able to retain Dr. Kliman to work on a major school teacher molestation case. He guided me through the medical and life care issues with expertise. His handling of our clients by he and his very professional staff was outstanding and greatly appreciated. His reports were excellent. The reports were very detailed and analytical and tailored to the nuances of each individual victim. His work product contributed tremendously towards achieving the largest settlement against a school district in the history of the State of California. Obviously, I would be more than privileged to have the opportunity to retain his services again in the future.”
Gordon G. Phillips, Jr. Attorney at Law
 Phillips & Robinson
 Los Angeles, CA
S.V., a minor, by and through her Guardian Ad Litem Virginia V.; Jorge B. and Virginia V., as individuals 
L.A.U.S.D., Rooney, Hubbard, et. al.
Superior Court of the State of California
For the County of Los Angeles
Case No. BC399771

Hatley v. O.K. Boys Ranch

Institutional negligence, male rape of male, emotion pain & suffering.
Retaining Firm:
John Connelly Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell
Tacoma, WA
Attorney Feedback:
“Dr. Gilbert Kliman is an outstanding psychiatric expert.  His qualifications are unparalleled. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, cares about the people he works with and works hard to understand the psychological trauma they have endured. His videotaped evaluations, thorough review of documents and powerfully researched opinions stand up well to scrutiny. He provides knowledgeable, in-depth opinions at trial which hold up well under rigorous examination. He has worked on numerous cases involving traumatic injuries to children and adults and his work and opinions are well documented and supported by the most advanced research in the field.”
Jack Connelly, Attorney
 The Connelly Law Firm
 Seattle, WA
Hatley v. O.K. Boys Ranch
Thurston City Superior Court
 Case No. 932002243

Does v. Archdiocese of Dallas, Rudy Kos et al.

Criminal and civil trial, sexual molestation by priest.
Retaining Firm:
Windle Turley
Offices of Windle Turley
Dallas, TX
Attorney Feedback:
“I am confident our Dallas jury never would have returned a $119 million verdict against the Dallas Catholic Diocese had it not been for your inspirational and extremely insightful testimony.
On behalf of my clients and myself, we simply can never thank you enough for your willingness to share with the jury your many, many years of intensive experience that has permitted you to tell others how to identify the risk of child abuse and, equally important, how to identify the profound damages that can flow from prolonged adolescent abuse. I am certain that the jury had very little understanding of the long-term and high-risk damage caused by a prolonged abusive exposure such as the young boys in our case experienced.
I want to particularly commend you for the in-depth investigation which you and your team brought to this case. You were well prepared when it was time to submit reports, you were fully prepared for your deposition testimony, and when it was time to offer your trial testimony, you committed the time and energy required to carry the day. Unfortunately, we see many forensic experts today who simply will not commit the preparation time necessary to carry their burden.
The jury listened to your background with great respect and listened to your every word, so beautifully punctuated with your vocabulary for jurors and dynamic delivery.
Your investigation and testimony persuaded and moved the jury greatly. They listened to your background with great respect that made them listen to your every word about the children’s damages. You destroyed the composure of the defense attorney during his cross-examination of you. You functioned flawlessly as an expert in the vital area of institutional negligence and cover-up by the church. You also helped the jury understand the necessity for extremely long and expensive treatment as related to extremely harmful trauma. You even helped them understand a psychological autopsy for the one victim who had already committed suicide. Your highly professional team, your compelling presence on the stand and powerful testimony helped me in achieving the largest award ever for children–a unanimous verdict of $119,600,000 for 11 children sexually molested by a priest.
The most important thing about this verdict is that it sends a clear and undeniable message to institutions throughout this country, and indeed the world, that children must always come first, and that their employees or the reputation of the institution itself must never, ever be treated with greater priority than the safety and lives of children entrusted to its care.”
Windle Turley, Attorney
 Turley Law
 Austin Texas
Rev Rudolph Kos & Dallas Catholic Diocese
Dallas, TX Sexual molestation, negligence by employer (Church employing a priest)
 Does v.93-05258-G.

Children v. Con Edison & City of N.Y.

Loss of parental services; Bereavement.
Retaining Firm:
Robert Gair
Gair Gair & Conason
 New York, NY Loss of parental services. Two children are orphaned of both parents in restaurant explosion.
Precedent was established for use of psychiatric testimony in cases of loss of parental services. See Conason, R Catastrophic Psychological Damages.

For Defense:

People v. Heartland Ministries
Institutional Negligence.  Children removed by the police.
Timothy Belz
Ottsen, Mauze, Leggat & Belz
St. Louis, MO 63105
Retaining Firm:
Denise J Baker
Assistant Attorney General
Washington, D.C.
People v. Heartland Ministries
Superior Court, Newark, Mo
J.D. a Minor, Through his Next Friend, Bob Doe
Foster Care
District of Columbia, et al.
Denise J. Baker
Assistant Attorney General
Washington D.C.
No. I 03-CV-01789 (GK)
People v. William H. Ayers
Psychiatrist accused of allegedly molesting children.
Retaining Firm:
Doron Weinberg
Weinberg & Wilder
San Francisco, CA
Attorney Feedback:
“…The jury notified the Judge on July 27 that they were unable to reach a verdict and a mistrial was declared. I am very relieved that Dr. Ayres was not convicted and believe that your testimony was very helpful in achieving this result.”
Doron Weinberg, Attorney
Weinberg & Wilder
People v. William H. Ayers
James Doe v Doe Psychiatric Association
San Mateo County Superior
Case # CIV436473
M.F, S.G, A.R, R.S, M.P, S.L, and M.C v County of Santa Barbara
Retaining Firm:
Michael M. Youngdahl,
Deputy County Counsel
City of Santa Barbara, CA
M.F, S.G, A.R, R.S, M.P, S.L, and M.C v County of Santa Barbara et. Al.
Sexual abuse; Harm to six plaintiffs allegedly caused by psychologist working for the county.
Santa Barbara Superior Court Case No. 1273811
“His work was a key to our reaching a reasonable settlement of all of the plaintiffs’ claims” – M. Youngdahl, Esq.
A.D. through his Adoptive Parents. E.D. and L.D vs. State of Alaska
Child molestation while in foster care.

Retaining Firm:
Stephanie Galbraith-Moore
Assistant Atty General
Anchorage, AK 99501

Plaintiff Attorney Feedback
“Our work together resulted in what was at the time the largest multi-victim child abuse civil award ever obtained — $4,200,000. Kids always open up to you. With juries, you interpret tests and research in terms they can understand. They respond to your great experience and objectivity. Your team’s preparation provides overwhelming proof of damages and of liability. …My cases are for plaintiffs, but I like that your work is 20% for defense, and that you spend 1/3rd time in your psychiatric practice.” Gary Burns, Attorney
Dear Dr. Kliman: As you are aware, our firm has now used your expert services in three cases. In each case, your testimony was superb. We first observed your testimony at a trial conducted by a fellow trial lawyer, Philip Weidner, regarding the death of a father of two young children. In that case, your testimony resulted in the jury awarding the maximum amount for the plaintiffs for loss of consortium for both the spouse and children.” Dennis Maloney, Attorney Law Offices of Dennis Maloney Anchorage, AK
“VICTORY!  …The damages they found were $125,000 pre-trial economic loss, $750,000 post-trial economic loss, $1,025,000 pain and suffering, and $1.5 million for loss of consortium i.e. $500,000 each As reflected be jury verdict, almost half of the case was reflected in the consortium claims. Your diagnosis and prognosis with regard to Marla and the children was especially helpful in this regard, including your attention to detail and the utilization of the videotapes of the analysis sessions. I was especially impressed by your ability to communicate to the jury the realities of the loss of marital and parental services.  In that regard, it has been my experience as a trial attorney that juries often cannot understand why a widow or children who “look good” in front of the jury are in fact subject to lifelong damages and suffering as a result of the tragic loss of a loved one. Your ability to gather the “hard data” with regard to same, namely the psychological testing and the psychiatric interviews on videotape, and further to communicate that in a forthright fashion to a lay jury was extraordinary. The jury was also most impressed by the years of experience and international reputation you brought to the case. …
Further, this should have appropriate consequences for the Trelleborg, Viking, and SI Tech defendants in the future with regard to placing them on clear notice of the dangerous nature of the product and the necessity of taking appropriate remedial measures. … In closing I wish to especially thank you, Dr. Kliman, for the extraordinary effort you expended and the professional approach you utilized in documenting the realities of consortium claims for loss of marital and parental services. Accordingly, I commend you for your assistance in helping me obtain justice, and I hope we have an opportunity to work together again.” Phillip Paul Weidner, Esq. Philip Paul Weidner and Associates Anchorage, AK
Defense Attorney Feedback
“A government entity retained Dr. Kliman to evaluate and write reports summarizing his findings regarding several plaintiffs alleging malpractice against their psychologist.   He and his staff reviewed and summarized thousands of pages of records regarding each plaintiff.   Dr. Kliman then conducted personal evaluations of each plaintiff.  His flexibility in scheduling the examinations was essential.   Dr. Kliman’s reports addressed the significant issues in a clear, thorough and convincing manner.   His work was a key to our reaching a reasonable settlement of all of the plaintiffs’ claims.” Mike Youngdahl, Attorney
“…It is not often that one can overcome the testimony of several experts on the other side, including a court appointed psychiatrist, and pull a victory out of the jaws of defeat…” Max Gutierrez, Esq.
“The matter resolved favorably to our interests. Before we retained your services we were not very optimistic… The medical opinions elicited from plaintiff’s doctors made her case quite formidable; however your findings and sound medical opinion and testimony were largely responsible for tilting the scales of evidence in our favor, thereby avoiding an adverse result.” John C. Sullivan, Esq.
“…Your testing, examination and report facilitated a very favorable settlement of this matter.” Robert A. Ford, Esq.

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“Your findings and sound medical opinion and testimony were largely
 responsible for tilting the scales of evidence in our favor, thereby
 avoiding an adverse result.” — John C. Sullivan, Esq.